What you need to Know about Loans Engine

Have you ever thought of seeing your personalised loan rates in just less than two minutes? Well, it may sound like some form of magic but we at The Loans Engine are a specialist finance broker who can always assist you where no bank can. To be precise, we are an authorised loan broker who is under the regulations of the Financial Conduct Authority to serve people like you. And we can promise you that checking your rates will not affect your credit score in any negative way. However, you can greatly benefit from our services in the followings:

Second Charge Loans

This is indeed a great alternative whenever a re-mortgage or further advance isn’t the option. In this case, you will realize that the second charge loan is quickly arranged and it is also a better way to raise your capital in the following manner:

1. Without disrupting your current mortgage deal
2. Avoiding potentially higher ERCs

Also, the second charge loan can become another important alternative where a remortgage is not available. Therefore it is possible when:

● The residential products are readily available up to 100 per cent loan-to-value (LTV)
● Buy-to-let-property and consumer-buy-to-let are acceptable up to 100 per cent LTV
● Most of the credit profiles are acceptable
● Any legal purpose such as debt consolidation, home improvement, purchase of the second-hand property and tax bill
● All types of income are considered

In addition to that, our lender panel is a representative of the entire second charge loan market where we use 16 of our lenders to ensure that we have products for every client with rates starting from 3.65 per cent.

Bridging Finance

Bridging Finance is tailored towards those customers looking to capitalises on available opportunities fast. In the real sense, this is a short term loan that you can possibly secure against property or land. The loan serves the purpose of bridging the gap until the security is sold or the long term finance is arranged. But you need to know that the key to your successful bridging loan application is actually a credible exit strategy.

However, the bridging loan can be arranged in case of any legal situation and they serve in the following scenarios:

● Auction Purchases
● Securing a property quickly
● Refurbishment
● When raising the capital
● Buying of uninhabitable properties
● Development funding
● Land purchasing pre-planning
● Site acquisition
● Covering cash flow needs
● Planning applications
● Conversions as well as title splits
● A situation where short term lease property can’t be funded conventionally
● Gifted transactions

Therefore, The Loans Engine will work in conjunction with our lending partners in order to provide you with a quick, flexible solution that will suit your clients’ needs.

Commercial Finance

Commercial finance targets business owners looking to have financial support for their own needs. This is important, especially where your clients might be wishing to expand their businesses, refinance their current premises or planning to open new businesses. In this regard, commercial finance will be provided for:

● Retail outlets, restaurants or public houses
● Industrial units and warehouses
● Child day care nurseries
● Investing in holiday homes
● Single freehold units
● Developing a new residential complex
● Asset finance towards those businesses that need constant cash flow
● Portfolio of the commercial properties


You should not wait on high street banks to see your personalised loan rates within the shortest time possible. Look out for The Loans Engine and all your wishes will be granted faster than you can imagine.

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