Just Mortgage Brokers Review

Everybody wants to own a home, but finding a suitable mortgage is often challenging. Moreover, the availability of several mortgage options in the market makes the situation even harder.

In case you are in the market for a good mortgage plan and you need assistance, then worry no more. Today, we review Just Mortgage Brokers, which is a company that helps prospective homeowners in their mission of finding the best mortgage options.

So what services does it offer?

Read on to find out more.

1. Getting a Mortgage with Bad Credit

It is difficult to get a mortgage if you have a low credit score. This is because a mortgage is considered as a loan.

Lately, however, people have been increasingly getting mortgages even with bad credit histories. Just Mortgage Brokers are adept at helping their clients in successfully applying for mortgages when they have a poor credit history.

2. Self-Employed Mortgages

Due to changes in regulation, mortgage lenders have imposed stricter measure for applicants. One category that has been overly frustrated by these new rules are the self-employed individuals. If you run your own business, you are unlikely to convince the lender that you can afford repaying the mortgage.

Just Mortgage Brokers will act as the negotiator between you and the lender to help you get that self-employed mortgage.

Just Mortgage Brokers will act as the negotiator between you and the lender to help you get that self-employed mortgage.

3. Equity Release Mortgages Brokerage

When you get older, you might want to release a lump sum from your property. Equity release mortgages allow the elderly to get lump sums without selling off their properties. The lump sum can be used to fund any cause of your choosing

4. Contractor Mortgages

Contractor mortgages are specially intended for contractors. They are unique because contractors do not have a regular salary like other professionals. Thus, if you are a contractor, the amount of money you can lend is dependent on the rates in your contracts. You can borrow as much as a salaried worker provided that you have a good credit score.

5. Mortgage Protection

Many people often overlook the possibility of encountering financial challenges in the future, when applying for mortgages. Just Mortgage Brokers offer a comprehensive solution that covers all the risks that may cause bankruptcy in the future. This plan includes life insurance, chronic illness insurance, household insurance, and unemployment insurance.

6. Bridging Loans

A bridging loan is a short-term funding solution that assists interested buyers in acquiring property, especially when they don’t have sufficient money to buy. Just Mortgage Brokers will help you get bridging loans as you seek a suitable mortgage.

7. Mortgage Calculators

It is important to know how much you are eligible for before applying for a mortgage. Just Mortgage Brokers offers a variety of calculators for the different mortgage options available in the market. These tools give you an overview of the repayment period, the interest rate and the amount you will be expected to pay every month.

Bottom line:

The services mentioned above are just a few of the mortgage-related brokerage services that are provided by Just Mortgage Brokers. The company has a team of qualified experts who are always ready to ask your queries regarding mortgages. Even better, these professionals provide advisory services free of charge.

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