Fluent Money Review

fluent-moneyFluent Money provides secured loans solely. Therefore, they only provide loan broker services to homeowners. However, with the precondition, Fluent Money accepts CCJs in addition to arrears and defaults. Their panel of lenders helps to provide loans to various customers in different circumstances and their dream is to serve the largest number of customers possible.

According to them, they are doing a lot of hard work to satisfy the needs of their customers. Their directors have worked for over 70 years in the finance and loan industry. The experience has enabled Fluent Money to grow rapidly and efficiently. Most people see them as the master broker in the field and they refer to themselves as the “United Kingdom’s favourite finance broker”.

With the reputation, Fluent Money adds new lenders regularly to their crafted provider’s panel. And the that they are always searching for new lenders means that they have been looking for loan deals that will satisfy the needs of their customers.

The key features and benefits

– Loans ranging from £10,000 to £250,000
– Arrears and defaults are welcome
– CCJs welcome
– Low-interest rates
– Fixed rates available
– 9.1 per cent APRC representative
– Maximum APR 49.9 per cent

The trust and reputation of Fluent Money

Fluent Money operates from their office in the UK. They assign each customer an account manager. The fact that each customer has someone he/she can easily reach in case of an issue or need has enhanced the reputation of the organization. And to enhance their trust further, they have been publishing detailed customer reviews to help people understand their services and how their customers are benefiting.

Expertise and knowledge

The directors of this company have experience of over 70 years in the industry. Many user reviews show that Fluent Money is working with a large number of moneylenders and regularly adding money lenders to their panel. Most of the lenders offer exclusive deals for the Fluent Money customers. That should tell you that the organization has established good relationships with their customers.

By looking at the customer service of Fluent Money, you are more likely to understand their expertise and knowledge in a better way. The sophisticated platform helps customers to track the progress of their loans easily and remain updated throughout the day. The small touches they have added to their customer services have put them ahead of the competitors.

The customer services

The independent reviews are minimal, but Fluent Money has published a wide range of testimonials and reviews on their site. With a large number of customers, they have managed to publish over 4431 customer reviews. The average customer rating stands at 4.87 stars out of 5 stars. The score is commendable and shows that the organization is more focused on customer services.

The customers comment on the services they liked. They also mention that the advisors inform them regularly of their loan progress and the staff is always ready to make the processes fast and seamless. In most testimonials, the customers can name the staff members. That shows that Fluent Money is committed to personalized services and the customers can access dedicated advisors throughout the day.


Fluent Money is a broker. Their work is to search their lenders’ panel to get the best loan for their customers. They also process the loan application and store your data. It is worth trying.

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