A look into financial comparison website Lending Expert

No matter how carefully we try to plan our finances, there are some things for which we can never be truly prepared. When unexpected and unavoidable costs rear their heads no amount of saving, thrift or careful financial planning can mitigate them. Simply put… There are some times when even the best prepared of us needs a loan. But with so many providers out there it can be hard to know who to choose. What’s more, with so many predatory loan companies out there masquerading as respectable operations, it can be difficult to know who you can trust.

If only there were a service that could provide you with access to the best products from the best providers while also protecting you from the less than reputable lenders.

LendingExpert.co.uk helps you to do exactly that. In fact, loans are just the tip of the iceberg. Whether you’re looking for a new credit card or advice on which mortgage product to choose, LendingExpert.co.uk provide a host of independent and impartial advice as well as giving you access to an incredible range of financial products. Let’s take a closer look at their website and why they’re a worthy choice, whatever your financial needs…

The website itself

Before we get into the wealth of financial products offered by LendingExpert.co.uk let’s take a look at the website itself. When you’re looking for a loan, credit card or any other financial product the last thing you need is obfustication. You don’t want to be wowed and dazzled by fancy graphics, you want everything to be laid out for you clearly, simply and transparently.

Refreshingly, Lending expert’s website does exactly that, eschewing bells and whistles for a simple (yet still aesthetically appealing) layout.

User Experience (UX) is extremely important for a site of this nature. When you’re dealing with personal finance, you want to feel as though you are in control. The layout and UX are designed to give you exactly that feeling.

The tabs across the top of the homepage give you instant access to the broad strokes and a handy search bar at the top of the page can help you to get where you want to go if you have a particular product, service or specific area of finance in mind.

Speaking of the products, they are detailed in a grid which is easy on the eye with simple graphics to help guide you to the product you need. Click on any product and you will be taken to a sub-menu for that product which gives you access to a curated list of products and packages from some of the nation’s most well-known and trusted providers.

Scroll to the bottom and you’ll see that the website has been favourably reviewed by a range of verified customers and web users. It’s a small touch, but one that’s extremely helpful in engendering our trust.


Lendingexpert.co.uk is far more than just a credit broker or comparison site, it’s a comprehensive financial resource that aims to give you bespoke financial advice from a fully independent team of experts.

Hover over the “Expert Plus” tab at the top of the Homepage and you’ll be given instant access to a wealth of unique content on a whole host of financial matters created by experts in the field. You’ll find practical, actionable advice on everything from investments to debt help. Click the “Guides” button and you’ll be taken to a blog that handles all kinds of financial matters from saving for retirement to working from home successfully.

You’ll also find a host of reviews on a wide range of financial institutions so that you can get their valuable insider’s perspective on a wealth of matters from payday lenders to mortgage brokers.


As a credit broker, LendingExpert.co.uk is able to provide you with access to some of the most useful financial products from some of the nation’s most trusted lenders. Whatever your lending needs, you’ll find them here in the home page’s easy-to-peruse directory;

Personal loans– A personal loan can be a blessing or a curse. Lending Expert can put you in touch with the most reputable lenders with the best interest rates.

Mortgages– The site has a fantastic range of mortgage-related services from comparing mortgage products to putting you in touch with free brokerage services. Everything you need to get on the ladder.

Vehicle finance– From passenger cars to motorbikes and even vans, if it’s got wheels they’ll help you to finance it.

Credit cards– The best rates on purchases and balance transfers, perfect for life’s little emergencies or managing card debt.

Business & bridging loans– Do you dream of owning a business? Lending Expert can put you in touch with the lenders who will make your dream a reality. They also cover bridging loans which can be a godsend to businesses experiencing cashflow issues.

Pensions and investments– Plan for the future with this huge range of suggestions.
And much, much more- Seriously, the above is just the tip of the iceberg. You really should take a look for yourself!

When services like this make it so easy and transparent to find the services you need, who says that you should neither a lender nor a borrower be?

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